Fort Moultrie, Charleston, SC

After leaving Fort McAllister State Park on the 31st, we drove to Charleston, SC. We went there to visit Fort Sumter, which is where the Civil War began.

We drove around Charleston and found that there is another fort there – Fort Moultrie. We stopped to check it out; it was after hours, so we couldn’t tour the site, but we did take time to walk around a little outside. And, Fort Moultrie is located on the shore, so we had to check out the beach…
We are still so fascinated with the beach! It was pretty windy, and a little chilly, so we didn’t wade; though maybe it had something to do with the big signs saying that there were dangerous currents, and there was a $500. fine for wading or swimming.

Hmmm…$500. x 13 people = :-0 ~We wouldn’t have gone in, or let the kids in, with the currents anyway.

But they sure had fun running along the beach in their bare feet and drawing in the sand. These buildings were next to Fort Moultrie. We don’t know if they were part of the fort or separate, but a sign stated that they were used for processing slaves brought here by ship.

One of the things that we have learned first hand on this trip is, don’t believe most of what you are taught (fed) in school or by the media. Of course we knew this to a certain extent before. I think that we understand the reasons for the Civil War much better than we did before. Being ‘northerners’, we always had a slant that the south was the ‘bad guy’. That really has changed – now it is more that both sides had their beliefs and reasons, and we aren’t sure that there was a ‘bad guy’ – just people sticking up for their rights as states (remember that the CW had nothing to do with slavery at the start).

Another eye opener has to do with prejudice – we have always been fed that the ‘whites’ are the prejudiced ones; that things could really be great if ‘whites’ weren’t so twisted. After being in the south (and the southwest), we know that there is prejudice in ALL groups. We have witnessed (and felt) it more than once, and have even felt a little unsafe (or maybe just very aware) twice in stores where we were about the only white folks.

Then again, maybe it was the way we were dressed… LOL! Molly is growing so fast, and we are getting anxious to get her home to see Gramma & Grampa. She has 2 teeth now, and scoots and rolls all over. She loves to be on the floor, but we have a hard time keeping it clean enough for her to play on. In the other camper, we did fine with our hand-held rechargeable Dyson, but in this camper there is a lot more carpet, and the battery dies long before we have finished vacuuming.

Molly-Dolly loves to find treasures in the carpet! Thank goodness she is not yet coordinated enough to pick up the tiny stuff that we miss and stick it in her mouth, but it won’t be long! We don’t really have a place to store a full-size vacuum, and I have a hard time going out and buying one when I have 2 very nice ones in storage at home, so we have just made do. I’m thinking that it is time to order a built-in one and have it waiting at home, the minute that we get there, for the guys to install!

We are all kind of bummed that Molly is growing so fast! They all do, but I am still surprised, every time, how quickly it happens. She is so fun though, and we all adore her. How could we not… 😉

Anyway, we never did make it to Fort Sumter – the ferry ride was a little expensive, and you had to take a guided tour. We aren’t much for guided tours; we prefer to wander.

We drove around Charleston while we were there… mostly checking out the shore and the huge ships being loaded with shipping boxes. Charleston offers so much to see and experience that we are having a hard time deciding what to do even though we aren’t going to go to Fort Sumter. We went back Wednesday night (to our house in the WalMart parking lot!), to plan out our next day. We all decided that there had been lots of forts and what-not, so Thursday will be a ‘girls day’ – we are going to Boone Plantation! I was really looking forward to visiting a plantation, so this should be fun!

Lilla Rose

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  1. We just checked out your video at Happy Janssens and loved it! Hope y’all are enjoying your time in SC. We are actually from there and are currently doing as you all are–checking out this amazing country for an extended period of time. We look forward to continuing to follow your journey.

    -Andy and Lori Fleming

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