Camp Furlong Day in Columbus, New Mexico!

Today was the 7th Annual Camp Furlong Day in Columbus, New Mexico. It is held in remembrance of Pancho Villa’s raid into N.M. in 1916. The festivities began at 9 this morning with music, the raising of the US flag, and then riders coming across the border and into the park about 10:30… We didn’t count the riders as they passed, but there were supposed to be around 100. Apparently, the riders from MX have been in the saddle for weeks. Some had to drop out of the ride because of the snow and sleet they encountered through the mountains. Many of the vaqueros (cowboys) were dressed in authentic costume, and Pancho led the pack (in green on the black horse)…
When we arrived nearly 2 weeks ago, we had no idea about thecabalgata (mounted procession), and Camp Furlong Day. We simply took one of the only spots remaining in the campground. It turned out to be one of the very best for watching the procession…

and it really didn’t bother me that the boys were up there – I just didn’t watch them getting off and on. The little girls and I crossed the park road to get a spot next to the fence. A man down from El Paso was camped near, and he brought his little dog over to visit the girls. They loved the tricks that she did for them, and petting her, and the dog loved the attention. He filled us in on some of the details since he had attended before.
As the vaqueros were riding by, there were quite a few people yelling “Viva Mexico” (long live Mexico). At first it felt a little weird, but then I remembered that many of these people are from Mexico! We are only a couple of miles from the border, and most of the riders, and many of the spectators are Mexican citizens. Later on, I did get a good laugh (and a warm, fuzzy feeling) when we saw a “Viva Bush” bumper sticker in the parking lot!  :)
It really only took a few minutes for everyone to ride by, and then it was more music.
They played music all day! Most of it was Latin/mariachi music (as if I would know, I’m just guessing here), but there was some plain OLD country played too.
Pancho held his ground on the hill all day…

His saddle horn is carved out of wood! He was, of course, flaunting the Mexican flag.
The Ballet Folklorico troup from just up the road in Deming was my favorite show of the day…
That was a lot of fun to watch!
It wasn’t long before Peanut had her dress hem in her hands and was flipping it all over!

The lady in the black dress was my favorite
she looked like she was enjoying herself…

They danced beautifully,
though I must admit that since I don’t know a thing about the steps or dances,
after awhile they all started looking about the same!
I was still disappointed when the show was over though –
it was intriguing to watch!

I loved the costumes; the little girls loved the vivid dresses (especially the pink one).

The big girls would have too, if they were here.
Vaughn had to take Hannah and Eli back to the orthodontist, and Beth went along just because (as in, just because she was hoping that she’d get to visit her friends. Yeah! She did!).
Vaughn and the kids left last Sunday; they drove so that they could take our old camper back home, and since they won’t be back until tomorrow, they missed it.
They will be jealous when they see the pictures, but they are super glad that they got to see their friends! (Thank you Teri and Terri for having them over!!! ~ and Happy Belated Birthdays wished with Lots of Love! I hope that you went out to lunch without me! 😉
While the little kids and I were watching the dancing, Greg and Jake took in a talk on ‘Pancho Villa’s Airforce’ – Greg said it was interesting, but I never did ask what it was about – Pancho didn’t have any aircraft.?.
After thecabalgata rode in, they corralled and tied the horses in aadjacent parking lot.

There was a theatrical group from Mexico that did skits, dancing, and music. I really couldn’t tell you the details of much of what went on all day since it was almostexclusively in Spanish! And there weren’t a whole lot of other gringos around (at least not percentage-wise). And no big families – we got stared at and pointed at, and received nice (I think) comments from little old ladies.

The last show that we attended was this interesting, experienced trick rider…

Carlos Herrera with hisCharro Horses

Carlos rode, and he and his horses performed tricks for about 45 minutes. Well into Peanutsnaptime…

Carlos was so interesting! (and I loved his costume too!)

He had 2 different horses that he rode.
Carlos’ trick horses are for sale if you are interested…
They are very well trained, and very polite…

I didn’t catch all the particulars about Carlos and his horses, since it was in Spanish, but I did get that Carlos would like to pass them on to someone else so that he can retire…
he is, after all, Seventy-Seven!
We enjoyed the Camp Furlong Day. It was a nice way to wrap up our visit to Pancho Villa State Park. Nice campground, friendly rangers and hosts, and a little taste of Mexican culture.
However, if we are going to spend much more time along the border, we are really going to have to learn some Spanish. I would love to know what those little old ladies were really saying about my brood! :)

Lilla Rose

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  1. Looks like alot of fun!! I have to admit I am most jealous of the good Mexican food I’m sure you have access to! Think of me if you are having a good carne asada burrito (or can get your hands on some carne asada fries!!) or pollo adovado. YUMMY!
    Still waiting on the baby should be any day now! We’ll call you!

  2. We are a homeschooling family just getting started on our bus/home conversion. I am seeking mamas who can relate, and would be willing offer some much needed advice as we start this journey. I was wondering if you’d be willing to email me sometime. Thank you for sharing, your family is so beautiful.

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