stop over in Playa del Carmen on the way home from Belize – heading home

Starting to head home.

The taxi driver picked the men up at 7 am, and they arrived in Chetumal at 7:45. The border crossing went very smoothly – this time the Belizean officials were very friendly. There was a $38bz. fee (each) to exit the country. On the Mexican side, the officer didn’t even look at their passports, just waved them on through.

Took the 8:30 bus to Playa del Carmen ($31usd for both)- it is a rather long ride, but the Mexican buses are so nice that they didn’t mind. Too bad that the movies on the buses tend to be trashy Hollywood flicks with badly dubbed Spanish…

Arrived at Playa around 1, and checked in at the Barrio Latina (600 pesos = approx. $46usd), and were able to email home from the hotel. Walked to the bus station to buy their tickets to get to Cancun for the next morning, and then went for a walk.
Went to Walmart and bought a rotisserie chicken, a bag of chips, and a 2ltr. of soda for $98.49 pesos (approx. $8 usd) – in Mexico, they use the dollar sign as we do, just in reference to pesos. Shopping in Walmart in Mexico was quite an experience – the guys felt illiterate and had to shop by pictures on products since everything was in Spanish. Vaughn and Greg had a great time in Belize, but are very ready to be home! Went back to the hotel and took it easy – Vaughn didn’t feel well and had a headache. Went to bed early.
The guys like Belize much better than Mx – Bz seemed much more laid back and nearly everyone spoke English.
The next morning, the guys got up early to catch the bus to Cancun. They had been informed that they needed to arrive at the Cancun airport approx. 2 hours before their flight; this was erroneous! Be there at least 3 hours early! The lines were horrific! But the guys caught their flights alright, and arrived home about 11pm.
2 week vacation in Belize – roughly $3000.
Scrapbook of trip – $150.
Father/Son bonding – priceless 😉

Vaughn and Greg had a wonderful experience in Belize, and would love to go back, but we would never permanently move our family down there based on this 2 week trip. The guys do, however, want to take the family down there for a ‘long-term vacation’ (months) so that we can all experience Belize!

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