Thunderbolt water taxi in Belize – Day 13

Caye Caulker

Slept in again!

Went over to the bank to get some more cash, and CNN was on in the lobby – all about the recession in the US and all doom and gloom… how depressing! Being in Belize playing has made it easy to ‘forget’ all the craziness that is going on at home! Greg was not very happy about being ‘reminded’ of the mess back here in the states!
Checked out of the Rainbow Hotel at 11 (rates were $, and had to wait for the water taxi to San Pedro. The water taxi left at 12:45 and it was about a 25 minute ride. Had a 2 hour lay-over on San Pedro before the Thunderbolt left for Corozal, so they hiked around the island checking it out.

Picture taken from the Thunderbolt dock in San Pedro – this scaffolding would definately NOT meet OSHA standards!Picture of transportation on the islands.

It is a 2 hour boat ride on the Thunderbolt from San Pedro to Corozal – it was a nice ride; breezy and cool. At Corozal, they got a taxi back to the Copa Banana, and arranged for the taxi driver to come back in the morning to take them to the border town of Chetumal for $30bz.
Walked down to Tony’s for dinner – Vaughn chose the Chipolte Chicken w/ rice and beans, Greg had a grilled pepper cheese burger (cheese burger on your last night in Belize???).
Tried to call home collect (the phone card that we had purchased and called MCi to verify it would work, did NOT), but couldn’t get through. Do NOT call collect from Belize – Vaughn did call a couple of times, and it was sticker shock to get the bill – 20min=$100.23, 10min=$77.28…(you get the picture), but other times he would call and give me the # he was at and I would call him right back – not bad prices that way!

(picture of a church in Corozal)

Earlier in the trip, the guys had made some notes of grocery prices (in Corozal). I don’t generally have the exact sizes, but hope you can get an idea of the rates: reg. size tub of baby wipes $4.50, Old Spice deoderant $4.75, Honey Bunches of Oats cereal (16oz?)$8.25, 5# white flour $3.50, 1 ltr. fruit juice $3.05, can butter flavored crisco (yuck!)$11.25, DelMonte Ketchup (14oz?)$9.50, box Stove Top stuffing $5.50, popcorn $1.75lb. (prices are in belizean). The pricing seemed rather odd – some things were the same price that we would pay here, and others were over twice the cost… it seemed that if it was a US ‘name-brand’, then it was expensive; if it was a generic or a brand that we had not heard of before, then it seemed more along the pricing for like-item here.

It seemed odd to the guys to be right back where they started from and knowing that this was their last night in Belize.

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