What is Belize like? – Day 3

In the morning, after getting directions to the market, one of the staff (‘call me Roach’), helped the boys to pick out bikes that the hotel provides for guest use.
The ride into town was beautiful! But beware of the drivers down there! They were very polite and would honk as they came upon the guys on the bikes – not to be rude, but just to let the riders know the vehicle was there (they pass very closely-don’t swerve as you’ll get hit!). While Belizeans are very laid-back in general, this does not seem to extend to their driving habits. Drive, walk, or ride defensively!

Arriving at the market, a welcome sight; Junior was standing near his taxi awaiting a customer. Vaughn asked him a few questions about the market, and judging fruit, and the next thing they knew Junior was walking them through the market showing them the best stands to buy from and how to pick the best fruit. Inexpensive fruit prices! 6 grapefruit=$.50USD, 1 Sugar Loaf pineapple=$1-2.USD, oranges 10 for $1USD, Tomatoes $.40 lb. USD, bananas 8 for $.50USD. There were also a lot of different vegetables and herbs for sale.
There was so much to see at the open-air market! There was an open sided shelter behind the market; at one end tacos were being sold out of an old bus, in the center there were a man and woman selling enchiladas, and at the other end was a little booth that had mini tacos. Breakfast = 3 tacos, an enchilada, and a large glass of fresh orange juice = $4USD.
After trying a little of everything, they rode farther into town to check out how they pour concrete in Belize. Answer: Way different than in the states!!! And if you happen to run short of sand while you are mixing your mud on the ground alongside the road, simply pull out a pick-ax and dig out as much as you need from the road…? There seem to be no building codes – this picture is forming for concrete city sidewalks! There are concrete trucks like you would see here in the states, but are expensive, and the guys saw lots of mud being mixed by hand, even big batches – they were quite efficient!
On their tour, the guys saw a cabinet shop in a resident’s backyard. He had all of his tools and lumber stored on his patio. There are no laws/regulations about opening your own business. That also means, though, that if you are looking to hire someone, it is important to get references/look at work, to know that who you are hiring is qualified.
Tools are available to purchase down there, but they do cost more than here in the states.
Vaughn and Greg rode back to the hotel to meet Stephen and Grady, friends who flew into Belize City that morning. After getting settled, the 4 guys went into Corozal for lunch. They ate at a ‘restaurant’ that was nothing more than a covered porch off of the front of a private home! (no restaurant codes either…) Belizeans seem to have rice and beans as part of every meal, and there is always hot sauce served. The hot sauce is brought in a small serving bowl, and you are given approx. 3 T.; it is so fiery that this is a more than ample amount!
After lunch, they checked out a few stores, and spoke with a shop-keeper – the nationals are friendly and open. They had quite a discussion about 3rd world poverty… In the stores, there were a lot of appliances available, some name-brand, some manufacturers they’d never heard of. Most furniture is custom built.
Ate dinner at the Cactus Plaza, an open air restaurant. Seating was outdoors under a canopy, and in the framework of the canopy above, there were a lot of little geckos running around catching bugs. While the guys were eating, an opossum ran across the floor among the patrons feet and disappeared under a back gate! Everything was so laid back, and the animals simply added to the experience! There is loud music playing in many of the restaurants.
Found a place to get ice cream cones for dessert ($2Bz=$1USD), and then checked out some computer stores. The internet is readily available in Bz, and is inexpensive.
Saw a small crocodile in the canal that night, and then it was off to bed. Can’t wait for a new adventure in the morning!

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